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Sep 24, 1968 (Age: 52)

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TOE CUTTER United States

Mullet Man, 52, from Sacramento

none Sep 25, 2017

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    1. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      John, That kidney news is just great. You will have a feeling afterward that very few people get the chance to experience. ANd it is a great feeling. I did not know my recipient, nor did I ever meet him. He dies many months later but the trasplant was working or he would ahve died right away. I only wished I could do this all again. If I were ever to surface as a candidate like you are now, I would jump at the chance. Do you know your recipient?

    2. anarchy13
      Hey man someone told me to come to you. "TOE CUTTER has a good thread on carb cleaning with pictures. You might send him a PM and request the link to it."

      Doing my first carb off a 84 VF750S ordered a kit and all and it didnt come with instructions. Now that im done using everything in the kit that i can figure out i still have o rings and screws left over? I need some instructions and also i figured out how to get the carb back in and now my new bike finally starts but runs like crap. But before it didnt even start. Now it only runs with the choke on, backfired while idling, and leaks coolant all over the place. Think i got my hands full :)
    3. ridervfr
      Gona spray some Wurth DL stuff in the switch and call it a day. NOt a big deal :smile: could always take the switch apart and test with a test light.
    4. ilovheros
      Toe...Give mw your email so i can pay U !
    5. ridervfr
      hey all is good with the viffer/rode the EX tonight. The smell from the burnt electronics is going away. see u in cyber space
    6. ridervfr
      Hey there, back from Germany, fugging cold as hell i tell yah> Anyway I had a problem last night and got totally lucky. I rode the gen 3 bike and lost power and headlights. I was able to duck walk to a nice side walk where i called my friend who was ironically around the block with his pick up truck. We took the bike to my house and discovered the harness the plugs into the starter relay was kinda fried. The red honda part was nasty. Originally when I had a stator prob, this part of the harness got fried and i used some non-insulated connectors. What seemed to happen was that they touched and shorted the 30amp fuse. I plan on using four insulated connectors to that relay and then replace the 30 amp fuse. I remember reading something on here about a dude that had some replacement wiring harness or something???? just curious. I asked my buddy who still works at a honda dealership to look for a new starter relay for me just for shits and grins. The posts on mine arent bad, but new is new.
    7. hookahbear
      Dude I totaled my bike today. Some ASS HOLE pulled out in front of me and I got to meet the curb and grass and parking lot well you get the point.. I am prob going sell it so if you know anyone who needs parts let me know. Plus it still runs just a messed up front end...
    8. dwntwnsac
      You were right.. a little back yard engineering and the UNI filter works great. shust had to restrict the flow a little. Way hard to belive somthing like a air filter will fuck up the works like that. but all is good she is running great. next thing carb sync. and that should be that. I hope your 4th is great! Dont let the Red Neaks burn your house down!!
    9. dwntwnsac
      Howdy doo..

      Hey do you have a paper air filter floating around for the 86? It seems I blew it with the UNI filter and need to switch back. And this dumbass threw the old one out. let me know.
    10. TOE CUTTER
      My theme be played at my funeral.
      YouTube - Gin N Juice cover: Redneck Version
    11. fomula1racer
      hey man how are u, do u know where i can get mirrors
      or u might know someone who has sliders
    12. fredsncoma

      You got a number for Dave? I was going to let him know that we are heading to the houseboatt the weekenbd of the 16th if he is going up there at all. Also found a couple of good road s to ride up here on Sunday and that race I was telling you about. Some guy tassed a Porsche over the non-guardrailed section at about 160mph and bought the farm. Piper's coworkers husband did the run in his vette at 3:54, 3:41 is an 85 mph average. the record was 3:21 for Saturday.

    13. wrestler
      Hey TC. How are you doing? This no chat thing sucks. How all is well with you.
    14. donald branscom
      donald branscom
      Hi this is Don

      That start switch you got for me is already mess'n up and the headlight will not stay on unless I manually hold the button.

      What model of HONDA was that from?
      Was it a CBR600? Don't remember.

      I am going to have to replace it before my CHP inspection.
    15. zielarz
      zielarz - najlepsza muzyka w internecie
    16. zielarz
      TOE CUTTER man with good hart. Always willing to help....good man...always got good advise about mechanical issues...and not only. Another worlds.....good mechanick.....vfr expert. Respect his advise people....and u gonna save a lot fixing what u need to fix.....instead of fixing somethink that u don't have to even more time......and probably not last time..........

    17. zielarz
      Hey TOE CUTTER I want to THANK YOU for rebuilding mine carbs....I. not gonna put them on bike yet...becouse I don't want them to collect dust...I need to fix mine fairings....front head light...and bike dosent stgart frpm switch yet.....once I'm gonna fix that I will put them....on bike I will trow them on the bike....o owe u BIG time...and I got YOU.
    18. lnb001
      Hey, I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately I am stripped for cash as it is. As of now I would only really be interested in the cam chains. Thanks again
    19. 2wheel`tone
      You sir have a free lap dance coupon ! Thanks for the advice, replaced the coil housing and the plugs, and what do you know. Back in action
    20. zielarz
      Hey toe..I got update for bike..I put it on mine blog
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