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Sep 24, 1968 (Age: 52)

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TOE CUTTER United States

Mullet Man, 52, from Sacramento

none Sep 25, 2017

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Jul 31, 2021 at 12:21 PM
      Hi, I have an 86 VFR 750 and I read that you where able to adapt a single side swing arm but for some reason I was not able to open your link. How difficult is this? And what would I need to make this happen? I apologize for asking you something that you’ve probably been asked a million times.
    2. Bruce1985vfr700f
      I also read on that thread that it is as simple as making some spacers for the swing arm pivot point. I was wondering if you knew, or could point me where to find how big those spacers would need to be and also I was wondering about mounting the rear shock. Did you use the brake from the newer bike or the older one? If so what did you need to do to get that situated. Thanks in advance, Bruce.
    3. Bruce1985vfr700f
    4. Bruce1985vfr700f
      Hi Toe Cutter I've been looking through the forums the last few weeks about what can be done to my 85 vfr700. Something I have taken a big liking to is the single sided swingarm of the newer bikes.
    5. Barrdall
      Hello Sir, I am new here on this forum. I have heard that you might have a supercharger for gen5 for sale. Is this true?
    6. ridervfr
      Hope your home/bikes/dogs/tools/wife in that order are ok with all the firey hell that is going on there. If I prayed, I would pray for you, but I dont. Good luck and stay safe. Warren
    8. kingajo
      Hey John if your not busy on sunday think you could give me a hand putting my carbs back on? I will have beer! See no engine pulling at
      Thank you for the SSS thread for the 86 VFR great Job
    10. Spiritron70
      Thinking you might be the TC others were referring to re: my question of putting a 3rd gen wheel on a 4th gen and judging by your bike in the pic I might be right. So, is it a straight change or are mods required? Thanks and your 07 looks great with the wheel.

    11. corey.p.whisenhunt
      hey so like you im having trouble with my laser exhaust im in the process of installing but im not sure what the two inserts there is a set of small ones and a set of larger ones do they all go in like the small set with the small two pipes and the large to with the large ones or do just the large pipes get the inserts please help
    12. grizz2
      TC got some picts up now glad to be back
    13. fredsncoma
      Will be in town the next couple of days seeing the family and shit. Try to break free to drink some of your beer, bitch.:drinker::boozer::moon:
    14. TOE CUTTER
      Not sure of the gen but sounds like a classic start switch failure.
    15. WillkilV
      Hey I think I've figured out why my bike's been having trouble starting. I sprayed the whole switch ASSY. with contact cleaner so it turns a lot better. The previous owner jerry rigged the headlight to always be on Highbeams and ran a short wire straight from the light to the power source instead of messing around with the wiring diagram. Long story short, it'll start up cold no problem but if I don't do it right, it will just turn over but not start.
      I believe the headlamp could be draining power from the starter making it difficult to start. I have to wait for it to "charge up" it seems. The battery is fairly new too but maybe I just need to put it on a trickle charger since I'm not riding too much?
    16. TOE CUTTER
      Oh need to get a meter and start checking a few things, starting with the pick up coils. The sky is the limit as far as possible damage.
    17. fromthebus
      Ok. So my dumb ass tried to jump off my 2000 vfr 800 from a dual battery 24 volt dodge truck. Has never started since. Engine computer? Will turn over but not start.
    18. fromthebus
      have seen you on the vfr seen you on the fun vfr sight. looking to get mine right to take a picture of boobs! girlfriend aint to bad....and she has friends,
    19. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      John, That kidney news is just great. You will have a feeling afterward that very few people get the chance to experience. ANd it is a great feeling. I did not know my recipient, nor did I ever meet him. He dies many months later but the trasplant was working or he would ahve died right away. I only wished I could do this all again. If I were ever to surface as a candidate like you are now, I would jump at the chance. Do you know your recipient?

    20. anarchy13
      Hey man someone told me to come to you. "TOE CUTTER has a good thread on carb cleaning with pictures. You might send him a PM and request the link to it."

      Doing my first carb off a 84 VF750S ordered a kit and all and it didnt come with instructions. Now that im done using everything in the kit that i can figure out i still have o rings and screws left over? I need some instructions and also i figured out how to get the carb back in and now my new bike finally starts but runs like crap. But before it didnt even start. Now it only runs with the choke on, backfired while idling, and leaks coolant all over the place. Think i got my hands full :)
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