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Discussion in 'USA - South' started by MrJoelieC, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Greetings Southern Friends,

    OK so the In-Laws that relocated to NC have guilted us into coming down from New Hampshire for the Thanksgiving Holiday... I told the Wife If I was being forced to do this I was going to be permitted to bring my Bike down.. Ironically, and/or surprisingly she agreed???? Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife???

    I was given a $500 Budget... The Chock is on order arriving tomorrow, I'm picking up a brand new 4x6 Trailer from Tractor Supply for $399 and I'll be doing mods to it this weekend. (I may Post about it in separate thread.)

    The goal is to pack up the Bike, Kids, Wife, and Misc. Crap, into the truck Friday night and travel from O'Dark-Thirty to arrive in Wake Forest on Saturday the 21st of November..

    I'll Probably be riding “out and about” on the weekdays although I may try and get out on Sunday.. Can anyone recommend some decent routes (I'm sure there are a ton to choose from based on my Google map searches so any recommendations would be appreciated...)

    Bear in mind: Your talking to a “Yankee” (NOT a Yankee Fan!) who has to deal with:
    1) Snow and Rain
    2) Frost heaves (cracks, splits, potholes) in the road
    3) Fallen Leaves covering the road
    4) Stupid Cage drivers watching/looking at above mentioned leaves
    5) Sand/Salt covering key curves on road.

    Now, the last time I was down in NC I Rented a Mustang and I did not seem to notice any of the above issues except possible #4 but I'm not really sure what they were looking at... Well, possibly the stunning views that I was looking at as well...

    I can ride "Spirited" But I tend to be more "Conservative" especially in unfamiliar territory...

    Thanks for any inputs, criticism, and Ridicule too.... I can take it..... Mostly....

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