Throwing down the gauntlet, er, eh, 750

Discussion in 'USA - West' started by JimFife777, Dec 3, 2017.

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    Been a rough week and though it was supposed to be a high of 58F, riding always induces a period of clarity in the mind. I mean, if you're not paying attention to what's coming up to you, that next corner, there won't be another.

    Anyway, the 750 being one of the best handling bikes I've ridden, has been neglected lately, and moreso after getting the VFR. So I mounted the phone, aired down the tires a hair for more heat (foreshadowing), threw on the leathers and headed out. Got to the end of the long driveway and entered the street. The stop sign is only 4 car lengths away so I wasn't "gassing" it and as soon as the throttle opened, the rear spun up. Even though I immediately closed it, it was like grease and continued to come around for a little low speed high-side. Now, I deny the age thing and blame it on catching me off guard, plus being cold, but I'm feeling it today.

    Anyway, picked up the pieces and pushed it back to the condo, adjusted the pitbull (swingarm spool mount broke off), parked it and then pushed out the 1000. I needed the ride, wasn't going to stew on this one. Besides the cosmetic stuff (surprisingly, no fairing pieces seem to have broke), the large spool tab broke off, the left case cover cracked (leaking), and left clip-on broke.

    The video is of a popular motorcycling road here in Northbay area, a bit too popular IMHO, and therefore I only frequent it once or twice a year. There are too many other great ones around.

    PostDumpMap.png PostDumpStats.png

    IMG_20171202_094019.jpg IMG_20171202_094037.jpg IMG_20171202_094049.jpg IMG_20171202_094059.jpg
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    I must say the twisties over there are endless. The weather though is another matter! Sorry you dropped the GSXR. Road must have been really slick for it to spin hard enough like that with only a small amount of throttle.

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