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    One year ago today I purchased my '98 VFR800.
    I have ridden it at least once in all twelve months in large part because of a mild winter.
    The maintenance that I have done included: replacing thermostat, coolant, front and rear tires, clutch and brake fluids, motor oil and filter, the RR, and battery.
    I purchased and installed: a used center stand, an inexpensive digital voltmeter with a relay that I had laying around my garage, and Speedbleeders.
    Work done also included valve clearance check, “the drill”, and freeing up the bobbins on the front disks.
    The only item of maintenance that I didn't do myself was balance the tires. A local independent cycle shop did it for $20 (not worth my time).
    I am currently halfway through building a copy of an ABBA Sky Lift, so that I can do additional maintenance without additional back pain, and can store it for long periods without weight on the suspension.
    I thank you, fellow forum posters, past and present, for sharing your insight and experiences!
    This site has been invaluable for me in all of the work done this first year of VFR ownership.
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