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Discussion in 'USA - South' started by MrJoelieC, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Hey Guys/Gals?, 2 years ago I dragged my Viffer behind the Family truckster to The Raleigh Durham/Wake Forrest area for the week of Thanksgiving. Basically, every other year we visit the outlaws for turkey and I was able to get some riding in.

    I visited Zebulon and cruised out and ran into an old Civil War battleground that was eary quiet and beautiful See Blog Here: Riding in North Carolina Finally! (name of place escapes me) even though it was overcast.

    My second day out found me with a flat tire on my quest to find a route going west. Well it's the Odd year and I will be trucking the bike down again Saturday at O'dark thirty for the 16 hour drive from New Hampshire.

    My In-laws say the extended forecast have Sunday as pretty good weather. I have a few ides for a ride down to Wilmington but I'm open to any suggestions.

    Any group rides going on that might allow this ole' Yankee to come into? I'm not an aggressive rider by any means. I like to scenery gander and use the cheap camera to look at the cool stuff. And then stop someplace and swap lies and stories about previous rides and conquests and gander at other people's bikes..

    Anyway let me know...

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