PLEASE HELP! Measurements/ Dimensions for stator and magneto.

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    (Ok, this is the third time writing all of this as it keeps friggin not uploading and wiping all my text.).


    I want to know the factory ID of the magneto flywheel and the OD if the factory stator coil.

    I fixed a previous owners botchy Frankenstein job of the charging system, i.e different Rectifier/regulator, wired independently from the loom.

    I've gone to install the regular OEM type stator coil, it OD is 115 mm and ID of the magneto flywheel is 110mm.

    What I am wanting to know is the OEM dimensions of both these components?

    Has the turkey who changed the charging setup, also changed the flywheel and stator coil size from the original?

    Please help as it's infuriated me that someone would mess with the OEM charging system.

    I have OEM parts that won't fit where they are supposed to. There is a slim chance the supplier sent the incorrect part, but that is rather unlikely.

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