HWY 498 in KY

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    Went riding Wednesday to Natural Bridge, mostly to see if I could handle the distance. I took hwy 33 from danville to U.S. 68. Took 68 North to Lexington. Took U.S. 60 East to Winchester. From Winchester I took Hwy 15 to Clay City where it joined Hwy 11. Took Hwy 11 to natural Bridge and beyond (to Hwy 498). Then I took 498 to Hwy 52, then 52 back to Danville. Hwy 11 from Natural Bridge to 498 has few good turns in it. Once on 498 though the turns become fun.
    I took this road with caution because I had never traveled it.
    dsc 241 and 242 are from hwy 498. DSC 244 is from hwy 52. Overall, it was a fun trip and one I wil have to do again some time, thoght I will probably take a diff route. More photos of the trip here:

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