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    I hope this is the right place to be posting this thread...

    A little backstory, DaveFest is a yearly gettogether hosted by Dave1 off of ZX6E.net (the other bike I own currently is a ZX6D, which is virtually identical to the E aside from engine internals and ram air, and cush drive and some cosmetic bits)

    Anyways, left Bakersfield towards Santa Maria on the VFR with a bag of luggage tied down with some ethernet cable because I didn't have any rope. After the bag went under a semi, I dropped it back off at home and went with the clothes on my back...

    This was my first long ride on the VFR, and during it I broke the first 500 miles since I've owned the bike. I took it easy on the way down and averaged around 45MPG at 75-80MPH. I could've stayed on the bike for several hours longer, it was a lot more comfortable than the other bikes I've owned in the past. It did its job very well, I just kept it around 75 and entered and left the corners without letting off the throttle and it didn't require too much thought about what line I should hold or my corner entry speed, it just went where I pointed it. On my ZX6D, I have a D&D full exhaust, which is LOOOOUD and gets annoying when I ride it any more than 10 minutes... The full two brothers highmount left exit on the VFR sounded great, but didn't get annoying during long stints like the D&D did. We rode around for a couple days on backroads and one of the things I noticed was that my rear suspension is set up WAAAAY too stiff for me, whenever we'd get into bumpy roads my rear end did not want to stay on the ground in a couple places, it really woke me up the first time it happened :D... Weighing 120lbs did not help me out in this case :lol: I'm gonna find a professional and have him set up my front forks and rear twin clicker to match my weight and the way I ride (my VFR was set up for the track... period. it does not enjoy bumps too much, but on a smooth road it will stay planted in the sweepers at triple digit speeds.)

    Anyways, we watched some movies (Wild Hogs and World's Fastest Indian) on a wall in Dave's gym (he and his wife own a children's gymnastics business and have a MASSIVE gym with all sorts of trampolines and bars and things, and the entire floor is padded :)) and ate and rode and ate and rode, and on the last day we rode down to the Solvang motorcycle museum, which was awesome. Later that day, I went back to Bakersfield... the only hitch was that I was about to fall asleep so I stopped and had some dinner and a Red Bull, which fixed me right up... Actually there were two hitches, I put a pair of silverstar bulbs in the VFR with some H4 adapters, and people kept flashing their brights at me... maybe I need to point my headlights down a bit more.

    Anyways, here are a few small pics from the trip.

    A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this happen by helping me get my VFR back on the road! It still needs a couple plastic bits but it just gives the bike character :lol

    Right after I got in, yeah I needed a haircut :lol:

    Group Photo

    One of our members could not make it, so he sent this box in his place.
    Apparently a stock ZX6E motor will not take 12 lbs of boost very long
    while WFO :lol: One of the chunks is now my keychain.

    Another group shot when we got to Solvang
    (I'm hidden in the back, you can kinda see my blue jacket)

    The entrance

    Everything you could imagine and more was there

    Finally, the jewel of any motorcycle collection. It was even more beautiful
    in person, the only V1000 that was never raced, it was uncrated a couple
    years ago, with 12 miles on the bike from the museum's owner... not bad
    for a couple bucks entrance fee!

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