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    I recently bought a new 02vfr with abs and I was practising my braking in a parking lot. When I applied the rear brake as hard as I could ,I couldn't get it to lock or even to stop quickly. It felt like an old drum brake, is this normal. The front worked very well. I realize I don't want it to lock in an emergency but this felt weak.
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    I have an '02 also and have noticed the rear brake doesn't inspire much confidence...been thinking of trying different pads... but the braking response is really pretty good with front/rear together. (I just hope the abs will save my bacon in a tight spot on a slick road)
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    Try the EBC "HH" sintered iron brake pads if you want to get serious about controlled stopping. Arizona Motorsports has them for $29.95/pair. Need three sets; front and rear are the same on '98-'01 bikes; don't know about the '02.

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