5th gen upper fairing

Discussion in 'Mechanics Garage' started by crustyrider, Jan 13, 2011.

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    okay guys here is what I've got. I aquirred a 5th gen upper fairing. I was going to use it and "fit it to my bike" well gathering the rest of the lights and fairings to complete this "mod" is a little bit high in the money dept for me so It is now available....

    it has a tiny bit of rash on it and one tab is broken.. I have started to repair replace the small broken bit. so the fairing is not perfect as it will need to be repainted after the rash is fixed.. what am I saying , I am trying to better my plastic welding skills and I have it down alright. so here is my deal to you.. All I am asking for for the fairing is just what I have in it....grand total of $0.00.. so if you can pick it up or pay the shipping its yours after I finish the repair.. it would make great track plastic or may be finish of the prep and respray it...

    first PM gets it




    the rash is on the right side of the picture (left side of the fairing) and the little break is down in the corner(same side)_

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