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    Hey Everyone, it feels like forever since I've been on here - probably because it has!!

    Lots happened in 2018 for me, and hoping for lots more in 2019!

    I finally got my rims actually powder coated gold, instead of the plasti-dip that was always meant to be temporary and test the gold colour.

    The better half and I did a lot of memorial / fundraising rides - Motorcycle Ride for Dad (Men's Cancer Research) and The Cole Gaudry Memorial (Fentanyl / Depression in Teens), were most notable and hit closest to home. Both my grandfathers died of prostate cancer, and Cole Gaudry's father is a friend / client of mine, his son died of a fentanyl overdose a few years ago.

    We didn't get very far on our rides in 2018, stayed close to home in the province. With 6 kids between the two of us, summer was a bit crazy.

    We got L her own bike this summer - I changed out the fork seals and oil, cleaned the carbs, and fixed some minor stuff for safety. L also passed her written test.

    I got a few things done on the VF1000F, but mostly it's been at a stand still. I built a shed, so I now have somewhere to work on it and will be relocating it from my parents property to my house were I can work on it steadily.

    In November, we got engaged! (yes, you read that right --- I'm a sucker for punishment apparently lol). No date set, just doing things at our leisure, we're in no hurry and neither of us believe in getting stressed out about stuff.

    A look into 2019 ... hoping to make it out to Richmond, VA to meet up with my regular riding buddies that I've been doing trips with the past few years.

    L will be taking her MC safety course and going for her full license.

    We're going to do a few short weekend trips out into the states and NW Ontario as time / weather permits.

    I plan on doing several fundraising rides again as well, including the MCRD and CGM.

    Anyways --- if anyone is planning on central nothern / western states / canadian prairies ... let us know!!

    A few pics from last year ...

    photo(25).jpg Bike Shot.jpg 20180422_141839.jpg
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