1986 vf500 fender eliminator

Discussion in '1st & 2nd Generation 1983-1989' started by fastenough, Jun 10, 2014.

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    May 10, 2014
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    hello everyone

    i am looking for this fender eliminator kit by 'gilley' for my 86 vf500...

    ive sent a couple of emails to the address on that site, with no response, and his ebay link no longer works so im assuming that whole webpage is a dead link.
    does anyone have this kit? new or used, i dont care, ill pay ASAP!

    ive already hacked up my stock plastic plate holder but i think this kit is much much nicer looking, and to tell you the truth i do not like having any 'hacked up' bits on my bike

    so please, if anyone has this kit, or the competition werkes kit (i emailed them already and they do NOT have any)

    PLEASE let me know how much you want!!


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