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Oct 7, 2011
Mar 13, 2008
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Oct 7, 1986 (Age: 35)
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NW Oregon
stay at home mom & accountant

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New Member, 35, from NW Oregon

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Oct 7, 2011
    1. speed
      Hey shorty its been awhile hows things going for you ? Tim
    2. matt1986vf500f
      there doing great! kyle is trying to crawl and his brother jake jake lol is right behind him, hey i understand about parenting after becoming one man i have zero time for anything anymore. goo dto know your doing good and you baby is driving you crazy lol
    3. matt1986vf500f
      shorty where have you been? hows your baby doing?
    4. matt1986vf500f
      doin good they got moved out of the ICU and are back into the NICU there doing better then last week that for sure! thank you for asking lets me know someone cares out there hows your lil boy?
    5. Entryleader
      I'm not going anywhere, I like the peeps on here. Picking up my '02 in a bit. Gotta take a nap first. Just got off work. I'll post some picks of both together. My '95 and my '02. I'll own 2 Viffers for a short while until my '95 sells. Thanks for the message. Keep the greasy side down.
    6. Entryleader
      I saw you're in Oregon. Looks like the riding group is kinda empty. I'm out on the coast, and new to VFRW, but if you know of some local rides, I'd be interested in going if I can swing the time off. Thanks.
    7. crustyrider
      hey shorty.... Hope by the time I get back you 'll have sprung the wee one from prison LOL...

      hopefully I get to see some pictures omn monday!!! good luck and congrats ahead of time
    8. ToxicShock
      vfr shortty, good luck with them babies!!!
    9. oss
      at least it's not eleven. i've been working on my latest project ( 84 cj-7) it's been keeping me busy and you know, the acrinem for jeep; just, empty, every, pocket is accurate.
      take care
    10. oss
      hey shorty girl how are things on the west coast? been working alot hope the bun is doing very well and of course the mama too. im sure the father is proud as can be.
    11. buzzy
      Hi Shorty, I hope life has been good for you. can't wait to get some nice sunny day's for ridding. What have you been up to?
    12. oss
      glad to hear your good, i've been working 10s,12s lately. it seems the army can still break thier toys really well. you'll get to go riding soon. my baby is coming along slowly, the overtime gets in the way a little, but i can buy more parts. take care and let me know if i can do anything to help (with the boredom too) type to you later
    13. oss
      hey shortygirl just want to make sure everythings going ok
    14. CARMINE
      I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year !
      God bless you and your family.
    15. oss
      that's great, i'll bet you make pregnant look sexy!
      i just went out and bought another project (1984 cj-7) should keep me out of trouble till i get it on the street, and to the hill country. take care
    16. oss
      long time no type, how have you been ?
    17. ceptor87
      Hello VFRShortly;
      I see we have the same bike. If you have E-mail access my E-mail is gregepperson@hotmail.com. E-mail me sometime if you want we can talk bikes and such..
    18. Alaskan
      Hey, there. I am coming to live in PDX for a month or two. We'll be staying at the Ronald MacDonald House in Northeast while my daughter completes treatment. I'll be working at the National Marine Fisheries Service office over by Lloyd Center. I am hoping to have my VFR brought up so I won't lose my mind!!! If that all pans out, maybe we can hook up for a ride. My daughter is 16, but she really doesn't like riding on the back. She wants her own Vespa! Ciao!
    19. malcster
      Hey shorty,keep it goin'.Tahoe's the backyard 4 me.There is alot of great folks @vfr,I'm smokin' crack now...gotta go
    20. DKC'sVFR
      Ms Shorty, you pointed me in the direction of VFRD in searching for a manual for my 86 VFR 750. Log in does not recognize me. Can you help? DKC'sVFR
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    Oct 7, 1986 (Age: 35)
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    NW Oregon
    stay at home mom & accountant
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    awaiting new bike!
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    United States


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