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Aug 2, 2022
Feb 15, 2006
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reg71 United States

Poser, from Atascadero, California, United States

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Aug 2, 2022
    1. dbuzz77
      hey Reg can you check my account please, it keeps logging me out when i change pages and I can't see some images in the humor forum, for one. thanks
    2. linkken
      Could we get rid of the "politics" thread?
    3. linkken
      How do I change my username?
      1. reg71
        I believe I have to do it. When you are ready, give me the name you want and log out, then log back in with it in like 5 min.
        Sep 23, 2021
    4. linkken
      Looks like you are savvy in this R/R issue and I need some help?
      1. reg71
        sorry, I don't see the messages in the profile section until I notice there is an alert. If you send an inbox message it usually gets to me faster. I'm sort of versed on the R/R of the VFR, but I think riderVFR might have helped you out now and he sounds like he's pretty good at it.
        Sep 23, 2021
    5. linkken
      Hey Reg, are you there ?
    6. Chuck Nix
      Chuck Nix
    7. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY REG! You miserable old fukker. Hw far away from Old Age Security are you?
    8. Gator
      Reg I saw your post in the chat about Whiskey Myers, I thought I was the only guy on here that knew who he was and want to see him in concert. lol
    9. skimad4x4
      Hi Reg

      I was attempting to reply to a new thread by Flo in the mechanics garage but keep getting the following message>>


      You don't have permission to access /threads/2001-having-trouble-starting.55688/save-draft on this server.

      Is there an issue for just this thread? I have been able to respond to other posts.

    10. reg71
      Welcome to the site. I keep forgetting we have a local site at sloriders. I have been on the yahoo sloriders group for years and have ridden with several of those guys. I'm sure with have met a lot of the same people.
    11. SikMoto
      Yo! Looks like another local! I just signed up due to picking up an 02 VFR. I own SikMoto, a shop in SLO - gimme a shout if you ever need anything! - also check out • Index page for local riding stuff!
    12. Chicken Hawk
      Chicken Hawk
      Reginald, thanks man. No, cracks still there...been looking on the eBay for new tail piece but the ones I've seen are in worse shape than mine! Reclaimation project or experiment on a Frankenstein piece? Bikes great though, way faster and more agile than me!
    13. wrestler
      Hey Reg, It's looking like I won't be able to come your way for the BBQ. I have a serious conflict with the date. Can't miss an obligation in Kentucky. Adam can't be gone for two weeks. I'm not sure what Greasemonkey is going to do yet. I don't think he wants to cross the country solo. Guess we'll have to join you on Skype.
      One of these days we'll press the flesh.
    14. reg71
      well, Terri says no way for those costs, but supposedly her siter's husband knows a guy that just does it part time and said he could do it cheap. anyway, he came out, did some measuring and is supposed to get back with some figures. We shall see I suppose...
    15. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      SO. Have you decided what to do about the driveway. You shold pour it at R3. You will have lots of help then. Reg. If I were you, I really would just go ahead and pour the whole thing in concrete if at all possible rather than to fuck around with little bits at a time.
    16. reg71
      nice meeting you, too. give me a yell any time you might be coming down. My shifts vary so even if it's mid week sometimes I'll be off and riding...
    17. Highjnx
      Hey Reg,

      What a great ride on Saturday. I'm not sure if Bob sent you the highlighted map or not but we covered some ground - fast. I look forward to getting more involved down there and tearing it up. Needless to say it was GREAT meeting you as well.


    18. iamtylerdurden
      thanks for the info. I think i'll take it easy on my bike and atleast have them checked when i get the extra time/money.
    19. reg71
      my opinion is yes you can wait, but I'm a cheap bastard. I am 30,000 or so miles overdue on my valve check.... others will tell you not to risk it. it just depends on if you are willing to bet that your bike is like 90% or more of them out there and not needing adjustment.
    20. iamtylerdurden
      hey man-we talked over a year ago when i first got my back and had to put it down a week after i got it. It's been fixed for a while and i've been putting tons of miles on it. I havn't had the valves checked it but was hoping to get your opinion. I've worked on tons of cars (almost every weekend and usually pushrod v8's), but never a bike motor. I wanted to get your opinion on waiting for a valve check with 32k. I've been keeping the rpms low and i rarely get it past 7K. I spend most of my time on the freeway cruising around 5000. Could i wait a little while?
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    December 4
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    Atascadero, California, United States
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    2013 KTM 500exc;2019 KTM 790 Adv R
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    United States
    I am not a bum. I'm a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things: my friends and... uh... my thermos. Huh? My story? Okay. It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi.



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