Dec 18, 2005
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Jul 28, 1970 (Age: 52)
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Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
IT Manager

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michael United States

Administrator, 52, from Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

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    1. linkken
      Hey, we gotta talk!
      I also have a very nice '69 Firebird!!
      As soon as I get my bike issues figured out I will post some photos of the car!!!
    2. Allyance
      I have tried several times to contact the site admin about the fact that I can't choose a file to upload. Dialog box pops up, nothing happens when I click on "Choose File". I am also a member of MacRumours which use similar software, and I can choose files for upload without a problem.
    3. scottbott
      Hello Michael, just received a message from you informing me that my 'insider status' runs out soon but I cannot find how to renew unless I am having a 'senior moment', thanks, gordon
    4. Jasn Strashek
      Jasn Strashek
      Perhaps I'm missing something really obvious... my username continues to be Jasn Strashek even though I've made the change in Personal Details and it appears to save. I don't want my real last name on the forum and I'd like to use the username "THRASHEK". I'm also an insider (which should enable me to change my username). Can you please point me in the right direction?
      1. Julius Lundberg
        Julius Lundberg
        Have the same problem, cant fint the way to change it either?
        Please help!
        Oct 9, 2022
    5. Jasn Strashek
      Jasn Strashek
      Hi Michael. I'm a new user (insider) and am trying to change my username... not having any luck using the link you provided on your Feb 24, 2008 post http://vfrworld.com/forums/profile.php?do=editpassword I've tried multiple browsers with no luck. Am I missing something? I
    6. Jollyhart
      Hi Michael.
      I am trying to delete my classified posts,but I can't find a way to do it?
      Can you point me in the right direction please.
      Many thanks Robby.(Jollyhart)
    7. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Hey Michael. Once again, thank you for your efforts here. I am still getting used to the new format but it will come. Two things I am wondering about Will the members country flags come back in the future? Are the signature stamps something that will return or are they there and I just need to do something? Those are kind of a bragging right thing. Neither of them are life threatening but I was wondering.
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      2. 34468 Randy
        34468 Randy
        Some of us previously had stamps made up of the different rides we had been on and they were placed as an image along the bottom of our signature block. Those images no longer show up rather there is that [IMG] notation there still. Maybe we just need to re-create this stamps?
        Jun 29, 2017
      3. michael
        Oh! Yes, you should be able to just re-create them. Let me know if it doesn't work.
        Jun 30, 2017
        34468 Randy likes this.
      4. 34468 Randy
        34468 Randy
        I will try this at my desk top later. I have those images saved somewhere on that computer. Tkx Michael
        Jun 30, 2017
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    Jul 28, 1970 (Age: 52)
    Home Page:
    Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
    IT Manager
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    1994 Honda VFR
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    United States
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