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Aug 9, 2022 at 3:54 PM
Jan 3, 2006
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Southwest Ohio
Engineer, Half Genius, Half Dumbass

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mello dude United States

Member, from Southwest Ohio

Typically I order the RR and connectors and wire the way I want it. Oct 18, 2020

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    1. linkken
      no politics, please!
    2. linkken
      I WAS tempted and fell right into the negative trap!
      I for one am not going back there and I would like to ask to totally get rid of it?
    3. mello dude
      mello dude
      Typically I order the RR and connectors and wire the way I want it.
    4. mello dude
      mello dude
      Gary, email him directly and tell him what you want. He is good about responding....
    5. GaryN
      Have you used Fleming’s kit? If so, do I need to add an extra foot of wire to the order? He wasn’t definitive on gen 5’s but thought the length of cable on his kit was good. More always seems better. I’m ordering his super kit (SH847). Thanks. Gary
    6. fpierce22
      Hey man, just letting you know that the pictures of the PC are on the post now.
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    7. mello dude
      mello dude
      Jon check PMs please. I have plates ready to go.
    8. Alaskan
      Hi. Jon Pollard here. Hope things aren’t crazy where you are. These are trying times.

      I just purchased a Shindengen SH847 regulator/rectifier for my 6th Gen. my OEM unit died. I read that you had designed a mounting plate for the 6th Gen. Are you still making those? I mocked up one out of cardboard but I have no tools here to make it out of aluminum. Let me know. Thanks.

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      2. Alaskan
        Ah, don’t worry about this. I can make it myself if you’re not selling them anymore. I’ll have to buy the tools though. But a guy needs tools, right?
        Jun 2, 2020
    9. mello dude
      mello dude
      Hi guys...If you want to contact me, a PM is the best way.
    10. Cr500
      Evening. Was curious if you still male the brackets to mount vfr fender to vtr lower fork legs?
      If so d like to buy a set.
      1. mello dude
        mello dude
        I'm out of business on the fender brackets. Costs have gone better than double and I don't get enough interest to make them any more.
        Jul 14, 2019
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    11. airegin
      Hi MD, I’ve seen some older posts that mention you’ve had block off plates for sale. Do you still sell these? I have a 2006 VFR800A.

      Thank you,

      1. mello dude
        mello dude
        Plz PM if you are still interested....
        Jul 14, 2019
    12. PWH
      Hi . I'm interested in purchasing PAIR block off plates to fit on 2 VFR's
      1. mello dude
        mello dude
        I still have some block off plates. Plz Pm for information.
        Jul 14, 2019
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    Southwest Ohio
    Engineer, Half Genius, Half Dumbass
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    '98VFR800 and '99 Valkyrie - one to go fast, one to go slow, not necessarily in that order.
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    United States
    geek whack job, adrenaline junkie and cruiser slacker, pursuer of incompatable women, sports bar rat, beeroholic foole.

    Texas Hold'em poker, beer, chess, beer, college basketball, beer, pro football, beer


    Member 5th Gen Brotherhood :cool:

    * There's someone in my head, but it's not me.......
    * Mr. Murphy was an optimist....
    * There's a very fine line between Insanity and Genius.....
    * My get up and go, must have got up and went.....

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