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Mar 28, 2020
Nov 11, 2007
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Lgn001 United States

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Mar 28, 2020
    1. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      I know you were looking at it so go buy it. Long time Dave. How's it going?
    2. Peter Pan
      Peter Pan
      Do you still have that touring windscreen (in box) and do you want to sell it?
    3. R.W.
      Were going to be neighbors in less than a month, maybe we'll run into each other at Raymond's Bakery :cool:
    4. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Hey Dave,

      The wife and I are either flying down or taking Amtrack down to Oakland in October for a week. Maybe we can work something out. For that matter, possibly in September sometime, we should entertain the idea of a few from your neck of the woods, meeting with a few from here in Eugene. That is roughly the same distance each way time wise. A bit of a haul but I would likely be up for it. I could probably get a few of the group from the Lower Mainland here to go for a jaunt for a night or two in Eugene.

      Let me know what you think.
    5. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Hey Bud.

      It was a real good vacation. I think I really needed it. For the first time in a number of years I slept 8 - 10 hours each night. Usually I manage 4 - 6 and it is badly broken at that. Got turned around in Portland on the way down. Ended in the wrong lane and found myself manouvering the truck and fifth wheel around down town Portland trying to find my way back on the freeway. Portland is one of those places that when you leave, you just want to leave a flaming bag of shit on the doorstep as you exit.

      Had a bitch of a time finding diesel in Eugen though.

      The dunes at Florence were just great. The whole trip up the coast was just packed full of interesting history too. Turns out that had things been just a bit different during the exploration of the Columbia River mouth, there may have been a Canadian flag floating around there instead of the stars and stripes so it seems. Can't change things now though. It would cost the Canadian tax payer too much to teach you people how to properly say "eh" and educate all of you what a toque is. Ran into that when my wife said she should have brought one while we were registering for the dune rides. "What's a toque?" they asked. And they called it... what... a head sock or something like that?

      Haven't gotten into the nectar yet but I can assure you I will tip a couple tomorrow in your honour (sorry honor).

      Too bad we couldn't have met.

      The ride to work this morning was a bit worrisome. I have never seen so much lightning here. It was flashing all around me. I must say, I was sure glad to arrive at work though. Two years ago about this time, as a matter of fact it was Independence day, I got struck down in Winthrop Washington. Wholly F$%k man that hurt. Someone was watching out for me that day I must say. My wife wanted me to take the truck to work today but you know us Scotties.

      Gotta go

      Latter pal.:canada::usa2::canada:
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    Russian River by Ocean, CA
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    1983 CB1100F
    2000 SV650
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    United States
    Grumpy but fair, easily annoyed
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