Oct 28, 2007
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North Georgia

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    1. wrestler
      Come on guys. Post something. At least complain about not riding. Or Post an envy pic of stuffing your face with some delectable delight. Somebody must have launched a winter project on the bike.
      Don't leave me hanging guys
    2. spid6813
      That avatar is too funny..
    3. matt1986vf500f
      joey check out the wheels on this bike! Honda : Interceptor:eBay Motors (item 290339829126 end time Aug-20-09 21:35:51 PDT)
    4. matt1986vf500f
      i gotta ask how fast?
    5. matt1986vf500f
      joey 28 was awesome! i was thinking about heading back really soon and you know i cant do anythign with out you so if you want you can tag along?
    6. park800
      Yo Dude, do you still want to rip it up this weekend? I found some new roads up in S.C. with no traffic and serious twisties. The fact that my kid almost got sick (felt bad for him) should tell you something.
    7. MikeOnBike
      Hey Joey - I did the "Find Me" on your page, and you show up in Antarctica! That's funny. How's the riding down there?
    8. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Hey Joey,

      Yes it is a long time away. If it is held in September, which there is a strong possibility, then I will be well past my 55th birthday and I may just pull the work only plays a small psrt in my plans. It wil be a great road trip getting there though. I don't imagine to many others from out here would be willing to go the distance but I wil post up closer to the time anyways. May be you can answer this. Do I "HAVE" to bring a gun? LOL. I am use to raising my hand and saying "Stop in the name of Her Majesty The Queen!" Always worked for me.

      Yup, The flakey white stuff can go away now. We had another 12 - 16 inches over 6 hours last night. With my neck and back being what they are, I am really feeling the effects of all that shovelling.

    9. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Hey Joey. What's happened? You haven't been on one of your rants for a long time now. Someone bag your sorry butt and deposted your arrested ass in jail or something? You thinking about the Kansas trip in 2010? I'm thinking hard on it. Will make a month trip out of it and go up to Winnipeg from there and do the western provinces going home. Be safe.
    10. Rollin_Again
      You didn't happen to be at Moto400 today around 1pm? I finally got my bike back from repair and needed to buy new gloves. I saw two red 5th Generations in the parking lot. I spoke to one of the guys (sounded British) for a few before taking off. Was hoping to chat with the other owner but the parking lots was extremely busy with demo ride day. I'm really hoping to get some riding in before it gets very cold since my bike was gone for 2+ months. Maybe we can hit a ride up to the Smoky's soon.

    11. quickjohn
      Hey Man
      I appreciate your reply. I'll give it a shot at keeping my VFR reving above 4000 to see if that solves my mystery problem. It started suddnely and I would swear I was dropping a cylinder out.
    12. wrestler
      Joey, I'm up for your ride but it has to be on Sept. 13. I can't do Sundays. Looks like a cool ride.
    13. wrestler
      That sounds like a great ride to take. How long did it take you to get up to Bald Mountain? Maybe some Saturday when I am not working on some school project we can do it. K9 has a pretty full plate but he may be up for it as well when the Army Reserves don't have him on lock down.
    14. wrestler
      Hey Joey, did you get to bike night on Thursday? I like your newest gallery goods.
    15. wrestler
      Hey dude, how did your ride go over the weekend?
    16. wrestler
      Joey, I am looking to hear from you.
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