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  1. Mike Rennie
    My 2016 VFR800FE.
  2. ridervfr
    Not a big deal, one of my bikes broke same piece, I JB welded it and problem solved. Plastic does get brittle over time unfortunately. If you remove the PAIR system, you cap those off anyway (just...
  3. ridervfr
    Thanks Mate! I busted my bum scouring Craigs List to find that white gen3 bike. Got lucky bagging a race shock off someone that was breaking one of those bikes, I have a long, long list of parts...
  4. aLeXz
    Your bike looks absolutely brilliant mate, wow! I have a 90 third gen in red and I think that yoshi would look amazing on her. Can you possibly tell me how to find one, or what model number is it?...
  5. Cassandra Vazquez
    This bike is gorgeous! Is this fairing kit available online somewhere? Absolutely love it

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