There can be only one!

This is a 2000 VFR 800. It consist of the following: Third generation rear wheel, undertail exhaust with chrome tips, custom emblems & graphics, white gauges with polished covers, corbin seat, front turn signals, front fender with a 60 series tire. Wire mesh inserts, alarm, AM/FM Cd player with wired remote (the speakers consist of two rear speakers in back of the driver and two speakers up front, all 3 1/2\" with a pair of tweeters & EQ).

There can be only one!
Eliminator, May 27, 2007
    • vincedredd
      Where did you get that undertail exhaust? I've GOT to know!!
    • Eliminator
      That's a 2004 undertail pipe from a CBR 1000. I also took two small exhaust tips for a car, cut and bolted them on the end with wire mesh inserts. There was no altering the exhaust or tuning of the engine needed.
    • Blackhawk28
      excellent choices. i like all the mods and i must know how did u mod ur turn signals? looking to hack mine off and change em. want them smaller not so ulky
    • Eliminator
      I actually used bondo & steel mesh to seal off the whole thing. The actual hole for the new turn signals is the bottom area of the originals. Good luck!
    • toddneville
      Very nice job. Just to clarify, the 2004 undertail pipe from a CBR 1000 included the pipe from the catalytic back and it bolted on with no major mods?
    • proteus
      Who did your custom pipe that connects to the muffler? and where can I buy one? thanks
    • Eliminator
      I did it myself. I got bought a mandrel bent pipe and a regular pipe slightly smaller in diameter and connected it all together. After you get the measurements measured right drill small hole into the connecting pipes to hold it together, then take it to Midas Mufflers or somewhere to get it welded together. Remember, it's important to get a mandrel pipe, because it's the same diameter throughout the pipe. Autozone has bent pipes, but they are crumped in the area of the bend. You can buy the pipe through J.C. Whitney. Good Luck!
    • proteus
      Great Idea, thanks for the heads up...
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