The Dream Ride

Unfortunately not mine but a beautiful picture nonetheless.

The Dream Ride
jethro911, Mar 9, 2006
    • Bikermike
      what model is this? Can the tail section and fairing be fitted to a 97 VFR??
    • jethro911
      This is a 1991 RC30 and it may be possible to mate these parts with a 97 VFR but it would take quite a bit of fabrication.
    • jb5371
    • RC30guy
      This bike is actually a Euro Spec Canadian version of the RC30 called the VFR 750R, The 300 American models imported in 1990 only all had RC30 tail markings, other noteable Euro differences are the yellow honda wing on the tank instead of red, Most noteable the tail cowl markings say VFR 750R and the larger Euro plate mount, Canadian models were Euro spec bikes made in 1988, 89 and 90, I believe they carry the RC30 serial number on the frame, but they had some other internal differences that escape me now.
      BTW All V engine Hondas are RC's, My 1994 VFR was an RC 36 and my 1998 VFR is an RC46, (first new v since the rc45) Also why the V twin Honda racebike is an RC51 and the new GP bikes (V5's) carry RC211V and RC 212V designations. Euros are rare, may be grey market, Lastly as for hanging RC30 parts on another bike, Honda sells them, But hold your breath when you price the parts out, Tail cowl, $2500, tank $2900. the fairing is 4 pieces plus glass.
      The lower is held on by aironautic zuess fittings for quick access.
    • Bjorn
      The yellow wing on the tank is for the 2000 first made. (1988-1989) the red wing is for the next ones. About 1000 pc. (1990) The engine in the RC30 and RC36 is different in every part.
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