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Buffalo, NY
former printing business owner and press operator.

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squirrelman United States

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    1. Jim McCulloch
      Jim McCulloch
      Ok, off the subject, but why do squirrels twitch their tails when they stop? I was watching that today ( we have a ton of them in the back yard) and they all seem to do it. Nervous habit?
      1. squirrelman
        lucky u with a yard fulla squirrels !

        i believe the tail shakes are a sign of fear or uncertainty and may make the animal look larger to predators.

        research continues.........
        Aug 29, 2021
      2. Jim McCulloch
        Jim McCulloch
        Ok, that makes sense. Not much to fear except we do have quite a few hawks (not the Honda hawks LOL) There is lots of cover in our back yard so I doubt many squirrels get picked off. Cats don't screw with Texas squirrels either.
        Aug 31, 2021
    2. seano
      Hi Jerry, I'm interested in having you go through a set of carbs off of a '95 4th gen that's been sitting for about 2 years. Can you give me a ballpark range of what that will cost me? Much appreciated.
    3. ridervfr
      Hey Jerry, Happy New Year! Hope all is well in Buffalo. Take care Warren
    4. AlwaysLearning
      Hello! recently purchased a 86 interceptor 500 and looking to get carbs rebuilt by expert and my reading suggests you are the man. I collect/rebuild vintage HondaS (69 through 76) and these V4s are not in my wheelhouse. Only reason I bought this bike was that because it was my first road bike back in high school and my son wants to experience the thrill! You interested
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    5. intercept_this
      Hey squirrelman! Do you know the stock main jet size for a 1986 750?
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      2. squirrelman
        sorry, but those carbs might be ruined judging from the looks of that. bowl O-rings can be made from a standard industrial O-ring, size dash 41 @ $2 each. try this for needle jets: https://www.siriusconinc.com/pro-detail.php?pid=&product_id=3089

        you'll need ultrasonic to have any chance of cleaning those jets and carbs. they' much worse than average. needle jets are different front/back.
        Apr 16, 2020
      3. squirrelman
        i have for sale a spare set of carbs for your '91, freshly cleaned, adjusted, leak-tested with new fuel tube O-rings and float bowl gaskets.
        Apr 16, 2020
      4. squirrelman
        cmsl in europe is another source for carb parts. i'd suggest you look for a set of used carbs for your '86 on ebay.
        Apr 16, 2020
    6. squirrelman
      still virus-free
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    7. BillAZ31
      The bike has 19K on it. I'm figuring that I'll probably need to change the wheel beerings, rebuild the breaks and clutch hydrolics, new chain and sprockets and rebuild the carbs. The paint and decals will be the last on the list.
      1. squirrelman
        20k miles is the life of a chain and sprockets, and you'll need to service (clean, grease and adjust) the steering head bearings too.
        Oct 13, 2019
    8. squirrelman
    9. Bill Mclean
      Bill Mclean
      Hey squirrelman, are you still doing carb work? Time to pull my gen 2 '87 F2 out of hibernation. I'm in SE NY. Let me know if you are interested and what you charge. Thanks. Bill
      1. squirrelman
        yep, i'm doing alot of carb work over the winter and have time to work on yours too.

        let me know if you have additional questions.
        Jan 22, 2019
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      2. Bill Mclean
        Bill Mclean
        Thanks squirrelman. Can u inbox me with info on payment, address, and how u want it packaged. Gonna pull them this week and send em off to ya. Thanks, Bill
        Feb 3, 2019
      3. squirrelman
        send them in, bill. see convo post. your satisfaction is guaranteed.

        full service=$270+ return shipping.

        pay with POSTAL money order if possible.
        Feb 3, 2019
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    10. cbx1260cc
      Good day to you..
      With the service work you do on VFR carbs is replacement of the "interconnect" O-rings part of the rebuild service?
      What is your typical charge for the service?
      My memory has failed me but refresh about the Big Bore motor you have--and is it available YET ?? :) :).
      PLease drop me a few lines at ricardosawyer56@gmail.com
      Kind regards with thanks,
      1. squirrelman
        sorry but my email doesn't haNdle photos well, so we need to comm here.
        Oct 13, 2018
    11. cbx1260cc
      Would you be able to measure the pistons to determine if they are stock or an Overbore?
      Also are the valves stock sizes?
      Appreciate that you will keep me in mind if you decide to "relocate" the motor.

      Kind regards

    12. Traes Ord
      Traes Ord
      Hi Mate, I'm writing to you about a post you made back in 2010 about re-fixing/re-tapping a clutch slave cover back on to a VFR800. You attached 3 images that showed your solution but I can't seem to open these. Are you able to find these images and email to me at travis.roy@gmail.com?
      I'm interested to see your images as I can't seem to follow your instructions via just the text.
      thanks, Trav
      1. Traes Ord
        Traes Ord
        Please ignore mate. I've got your images!
        And I see the issue....your customers screw-housing was completely snapped off eh?
        mines not as bad as that. It's just slightly threaded. (It actually feels like the 90mm bolt at the top part of the slave housing doesn't actually reach the threaded socket. I might take the slave off and see a bit closer up.
        Apr 4, 2018
      2. squirrelman
        let me know how it worked out.
        Oct 13, 2018
    13. ridervfr
      Hi Jerry, I did the carb service and everything worked out the second time around, first time, I was close with my synch but started turning a few of the adjusters and got very far out. I ended up removing the carbs and doing the "Peek-ah-Boo" thing again, re-installed them and everything turned out well. Bike starts better on Choke and ran to work yesterday great. Nice idle ect.
    14. experience780
      Honestly it found me. Its my first bike that was rideable, I had a 600 ninja bout 7 years ago but is never seen road while I had it as it was in pieces. When someone said they had a bike for sale and told me what it was I was interested but didn't know what it was really. When I seen it I fell in love with the look of it. After I got it running I fell in love with the ride. Not that I have a lot to compare to but still...
    15. squirrelman
      Mark is the rider here who has his '86 RWB 750 up for sale . Should be listed in our classifieds or on Buffalo CL.

      It's a good one !!
    16. huck731
      who is mark? I'm assuming it is in the classifieds, if so I'll look for it.
    17. Bordecai
      Some tools, I took the radiator off so I could get a pinhole welded/blazed. the hose that is supposed to feed the expansion tank is severed and detached so I need to get a new fitting. other than that I love taking it apart and learning all about it. I drained the coolant from the water pump drain hole and the manual tells me to open the two bolts on the front cylinders as well, but I can barely reach them. Do you think it's okay if I just drain from the water pump hole?
      What are you riding these days?
      What was your first bike?
    18. CARMINE
      Hi Squirrel,
      thanks for accepting to be a friend of mine. My VFR /rc 24 '87) is still running with a "wire jump" (fuel pump relay) you thought to me....
      Ciao my friend, nice to hear from you.
    19. rustedroot
      Hey Gerry! I've stopped by the shop many times. No ones home lately. Did Lenny sell the place after all? Let me know if he did, so I know how to get in touch with you. I have your tele #

      Mark Adkins
    20. OSA 06
      OSA 06
      Hey there. From what I've been reading, you seem like the guy to go to about carb questions. Simple question... Carb sync tools, would you suggest the motion pro mercury tube type or the regular gauges?? Hoping maybe you've got some pros and cons, which ones are easier to use, and which is more accurate. Thanks for the time. Eric
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    former printing business owner and press operator.
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    beer, reading the Bible searching hopelessly for any references to squirrels, beer, olive oil addict, love my motorcycles, reading, sleeping and my black-tail prairie dog, "Cheeky".

    investigated by Hoover's Federal B.I. in the 60's as a student antiwar activist :ancient:

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