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  1. kapil
    emergen research
  2. RogueRC24
    RogueRC24 Sussex_Viffer
    Welcome!! Great info in this forum for all ages of VFR magic.
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  3. Jedro750
    Hi, everyone, I'm in the borders of England and Scotland and have a 90 750 FL which I've had for 25 years, cheers.
  4. maicoman
    maicoman Harry Casazza
    I forgot tp mention and this is a tough one but you must cut the upper fairing where the bars come up.I just sold that bike and allot of purists stayrd away because of thet fact.I jusy cut a 4 inch section and kept the pice in case but the bike is gone now.New Goldwing DCT in the garage and it is wonderful bike
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    2. Harry Casazza
      Harry Casazza
      Thanks for the info. Now that I’m in my sixties my posture on the bike needs to be just a little more upright. Congratulations on the new bike.
      Sep 6, 2021
  5. maicoman
    maicoman Harry Casazza
    Harry I used Kawasaki ZRX 1200 bars cica 2012-2015 I cant remeber year but I think they are the same all years.I had to get barnett longer front brake line but everyhing else works fine.No kit for lines just mimic stock angles and add length and good to go.I also used a cr 250 l cable stay down near to the calipers to keep the lines in place and looking factory finished
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  6. Jim McCulloch
    Jim McCulloch squirrelman
    Ok, off the subject, but why do squirrels twitch their tails when they stop? I was watching that today ( we have a ton of them in the back yard) and they all seem to do it. Nervous habit?
    1. squirrelman
      lucky u with a yard fulla squirrels !

      i believe the tail shakes are a sign of fear or uncertainty and may make the animal look larger to predators.

      research continues.........
      Aug 29, 2021
    2. Jim McCulloch
      Jim McCulloch
      Ok, that makes sense. Not much to fear except we do have quite a few hawks (not the Honda hawks LOL) There is lots of cover in our back yard so I doubt many squirrels get picked off. Cats don't screw with Texas squirrels either.
      Aug 31, 2021
  7. RyanVFR82
    Trying to determine a rattling noise at idle & cold that goes away when high beams & front brake applied
  8. RyanVFR82
    Had the valves done for the first time at 81,000kms. They were all out of spec.
  9. RRloves2RRIDE
    Thanks for the reply - I'll be in and out fast and clean that day. Wish I could stay longer, but got a busy schedule til mid September.
  10. RRloves2RRIDE
    Hey - I am a nearby VFR rider whose 2007 could use a little wrench time and love to tidy up a few things. Would you be open to offering some advice if I bring the beer? I'll be in Sac on the 25th. The VFR is pretty fing tech for its time and I am humbled by all the cool enhancements you make oyo. I promise not to take a ton of your time or to be a leech. LMK thanks and what do ya drink?
      My schedule is pretty crappy that week, the only time I would be home is the following Sunday if you have time.
      Aug 13, 2021
  11. Nicolas Siraut
    Nicolas Siraut
    9 years on a 86 model, a few not so fun with a K1200r sport, and, very happily back with a 99 not long ago (not YELLOW at all :)
  12. shaunrx
    shaunrx BWeiss
    How much for the luggage bags ship to VA 22406? tanks
  13. cat0020
    Play stupid game, win stupid prize.
  14. frankie fitzpatrick
    frankie fitzpatrick
    Back on a bike after ten years.
  15. heymike
    heymike VFRPeteR
    You still have the side cases?
  16. straycat
    straycat sixdog
    Hey Sixdog, what was involved when you had to fix the started clutch on your buddy's 700. the CBX750 I just got has the issue
  17. daboss
    Out riding...
  18. howard
    I'm close to germfask,are you still up here?
  19. 2wheelrush
    2wheelrush howard
    Where in the UP. I'm originally from menominee Mi
  20. harry miles