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  1. frankie fitzpatrick
    frankie fitzpatrick
    Back on a bike after ten years.
  2. heymike
    heymike VFRPeteR
    You still have the side cases?
  3. straycat
    straycat sixdog
    Hey Sixdog, what was involved when you had to fix the started clutch on your buddy's 700. the CBX750 I just got has the issue
  4. daboss
    Out riding...
  5. howard
    I'm close to germfask,are you still up here?
  6. 2wheelrush
    2wheelrush howard
    Where in the UP. I'm originally from menominee Mi
  7. harry miles
  8. Viajero_VFR
    Viajero_VFR mikeplayer
    Hi, I just saw your ad about your VFR part out. I'm looking for the R and L headlight assemblies if available. Let me know what you're asking for them, including shipping to Coquitlam, BC V3J 3H3. Easier if you email me at: Cheers!
  9. SoftwareXprts
    Travel Agency Management Software |
  10. Luke Mattheis
    Luke Mattheis
    Any suggestions for places to get OEM cowling that isn't crazy expensive? Had a track day that ended on a sad note and cowling is crazy $$$.
  11. Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes
    Get out and ride!
  12. Paul Stokes
    Paul Stokes
    VFR800 Commuter 150miles per day
  13. nyvfr
    nyvfr Kalikiano
    Hi Kalikiano. Thanks for the kind comments. I do love the bike and have cared for it well all of the years I have owned it. I have been traveling with the kids and have not been on line in a while so I apologize for the late response. If you are still looking please let me know. I can call you or you can call me. Thanks for reaching out. Take care.
  14. Julian Milburn
    Julian Milburn
    Upgrades are wonderful
  15. Flyhigh
    Somewhere in the skies
  16. Alchemist87
    Hello from Upstate South Carolina!!
  17. Hughjebolzak
    Hughjebolzak shakenbake
    I'm interested in your 5th gen seat. New here so I'm not sure if this is the place you private message folks or not. Get back to me if it is. Thanks.
  18. Smoky73
    Just got the carbs back together very slowly and correctly hoping to hear the beast fire up tomorrow
  19. thefallfan1
    retired fitter
  20. Denis Jr Richard
    Denis Jr Richard
    NEW VFR 5th gen owner (April 2021)