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  1. jpacman
    Off to the wild blue yonder
  2. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 administrator
    hello I was wondering if it is alright to post things of a religious nature on here. it is a vfr starring bike blessing from our church. thanks
  3. twosheds
    Still riding!
  4. calicojack
    Full trottle
  5. fpierce22
    fpierce22 mello dude
    Hey man, just letting you know that the pictures of the PC are on the post now.
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  6. Larry Esquivel
    Larry Esquivel
    Alive and Kicking
  7. Larry Esquivel
    Larry Esquivel
    Married 28 Years
  8. Jasn Strashek
    Jasn Strashek michael
    Perhaps I'm missing something really obvious... my username continues to be Jasn Strashek even though I've made the change in Personal Details and it appears to save. I don't want my real last name on the forum and I'd like to use the username "THRASHEK". I'm also an insider (which should enable me to change my username). Can you please point me in the right direction?
  9. Redarrow
    New here , Southwest Rider, 2015 VFRd, had for 2 years only 30 miles on her , so far. Ready to get out and ride, Thank you
  10. mello dude
    mello dude
    Jon check PMs please. I have plates ready to go.
  11. Alaskan
    Alaskan mello dude
    Hi. Jon Pollard here. Hope things aren’t crazy where you are. These are trying times.

    I just purchased a Shindengen SH847 regulator/rectifier for my 6th Gen. my OEM unit died. I read that you had designed a mounting plate for the 6th Gen. Are you still making those? I mocked up one out of cardboard but I have no tools here to make it out of aluminum. Let me know. Thanks.

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    2. Alaskan
      Ah, don’t worry about this. I can make it myself if you’re not selling them anymore. I’ll have to buy the tools though. But a guy needs tools, right?
      Jun 2, 2020
  12. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 34468 Randy
    thanks , sounds about right, just looking for info, i have 39000 and it looks great
  13. dbuzz77
    dbuzz77 34468 Randy
    just curious with all these people changing chains all the time how many have you gone through? thanks
    1. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Gawd! I would have to go through my maintenance file. I have 221,000 km plus on my bike, (136 k Miles give or take) But off hand, I think I have probably 6-8 since 2006. I like to stay on top of things rather than waiting for failure. I may have been able to get more out of the chains and sprockets before changing them. I am a firm believer in changing the sprockets at the same time as a chain
      May 24, 2020
  14. Jasn Strashek
    Jasn Strashek fpierce22
    Hi. $75 is a great deal... I’d be happy to take it off your hands. Could you send me a quick note to either my cell - 604.780.3094 or email, and we can coordinate.
    1. fpierce22
      Not a problem. I'll get that to you tomorrow .
      May 21, 2020
  15. 34468 Randy
    34468 Randy
    My long lost deceased twin brother deserves to be on my avatar
  16. Jasn Strashek
    Jasn Strashek michael
    Hi Michael. I'm a new user (insider) and am trying to change my username... not having any luck using the link you provided on your Feb 24, 2008 post I've tried multiple browsers with no luck. Am I missing something? I
  17. TJ C
    TJ C
    Looking for 98, 99 or 01 VFR close to CT+
  18. TJ C
    TJ C
    Looking for 98,99 or 01 VRF close to CT.
  19. TJ C
    TJ C
    Looking for 98,99, or 01 VFR.
  20. TJ C
    TJ C briq23
    Hi Briq23,

    Was checking to see if we could communicate further. I don't want to negotiate on price.
    Please let me know how we can best talk further.
    Thank you,