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  1. Duc-fan
    Now waiting for a new lift in workshop
  2. whiskthecat
    whiskthecat crumb.counter
    Hello, looking to find out if Guhl flash fixed your stumbling issue?
  3. vfr3g
    vfr3g Wahlstrom
    Hej Wahlstrøm. Jeg har en VFR rc36 siden 2008. Hvor i landet bor du? Jeg bor i Hvidovre og har mange års erfaring . (før i tiden automekaniker og go kart kører.)
    Det ville være rart at snakke. Mit telefonnummer er 40574957. Ring hvis du har lyst.
  4. Labs
    Labs Autumn Tiger
    hey! is the VFR 750 still available? i am willing to come by and pick it up tomorrow!
  5. fink
    Tights Tight Too Tight is Fucked
  6. Toe Cutter 28
    Toe Cutter 28
    Hello all. New here. Just purchased 2005 Veefer ABS. 4th vfr I've owned. love em
  7. ajheath32
    working on my projects
  8. Rune Jacobsen
    Rune Jacobsen
    Vfr 800 98mod
  9. cbx1260cc
    cbx1260cc Captain 80s
    May I have your opinion please?

    Looking at the white VFR for sale in Fla for $2,500. Low miles at approx 19,000--BUT--seems to have a LOT of corrosion on everything aluminium. Looks to be a massive amount of work to bring back to factory spec. In Your opinion overpriced at $2,300?? Some pix below. Regards Rick Sawyer
    1. 34468 Randy
      34468 Randy
      Are you sure that odometer has not rolled over and it in fat has 119,000 miles on it? Wear on foot pegs and handle grips are a good indicator of that. Even if it was actually just 19K, I think that price is a little too steep for such and old bike. Really all depends on what that bike is worth to you.
      Sep 2, 2019
  10. mcwt673
    mcwt673 Maddog91702
    shoot me a text at 5403279100 about the bike. depending on where you are, I might be interested
  11. dad25boys
    how do I add pictures of my bike, from my phone?
  12. dad25boys
    how do I add pictures of my bike?
  13. Falker
    Cam chain tensioner
  14. xrc46
    xrc46 Scubalong
    The 6th gen parts are moving to the the curb. 13201 Roselle Ave. Hawthorne 90250
  15. Duc-fan
    On the hunt, for a black RC46!
  16. Leamreject
    One bike is never enough... you need a bike for every occasion
    MOTO PILOT CandyRedRC46
    i can also be reached at
    MOTO PILOT CandyRedRC46
    Hello, I saw your post from back in 2015 that listed the parts of your 2007 VFR800. I about to build my 2004 VFR into a street fighter for a video project and I am wondering about your front end swap. Mind if I ask some questions?
  19. Graham R.
    Graham R.
    Everyone needs a motorbike or two or...
  20. RobVG
    RobVG Whiterock
    Hi. My girlfriend lives in Whiterock and I ride my '06 up occasionally. 34468Randy lives in Chilliwack. I've ridden with him for about 5 years now.

    Let me know if you'd like to get together for a short hop or beer at the beach